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Winning at Life

I didn’t win NaNoWriMo (when people write a novel in a month) this year. For anyone who knows me well, you know that November is a special month for me. I look forward to NaNo. The comradery, the creativity, the sheer insanity!

But this year, I was given the surprise gift of COVID just before NaNo started.

In some ways, this was the best time for me to catch the plague, because I had lightened my load quite a bit so that writing would be possible. Aside from an online gig set up to celebrate the start, I had a pretty light month planned. Even with that, I had to cancel everything.

I don’t actually remember most of November. I’m still struggling to remember what day it is, still coughing occasionally, still crazy tired.

I’m back at work, catching up,

A friend suggested doing NaNo in December, but I’ve come to the decision that it just isn’t going to happen for me this year. Instead, I’m going to continue with my plan for the year, spending December focusing on my customers and preparing my businesses for 2024.

Also in December, many of the folks I hang out with do a project called World Ember – a wonderful world building challenge. I’ve decided not to push to do that, either. For now, just focusing on streamlining my business paperwork and making wise choices as I continue to get my strength back.

I’m trying to see this acceptance as a win, a chance to choose my sanity over stress. But mostly, I’m winning at not being overly sad. There’s an author symposium on self-care that I’ll be speaking at next year. As I was looking at the schedule and building the website, I was reminded to practice what I teach.

Trying to convince myself that saying no to these wonderful fun projects is saying yes to a more organized and less stressed 2024!

For those who did NaNo – congratulations!

For those doing World Ember – have a blast!

And for everyone, may this December be filled with joy!

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  1. Oh, Deleyna, I’m sorry you had to deal with Covid — and very impressed with how you figured out all the good aspects of getting it when you did. Way to go on keeping your perspective intact, and I hope you feel like your usual self again soon!

    1. Hugs! I absolutely planned it that way. (not) One day at a time. I just had a moment where I thought, “I wish I’d bought…”(license for fancy software needed for a task I don’t do often) and then my post-covid brain said, “WAITAMINIT…” and finally gave me the information needed to save me hours of manual work. Whew! So I’m definitely improving.

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