8 thoughts on “Why can’t I log in to the website using Microsoft Edge?

  1. Keaton Rodrigue says:

    Just so you know Microsoft isn’t the problem at this point, google has not updated there supported browsers since the release of edge.

  2. Keaton, this post is out of date, but I’m leaving it up because there are still people experiencing the issue if their browsers aren’t up to date. When the initial problem occurred, it wasn’t just Google that had issues. Paypal, Ebay, and many lesser known sites were all having problems where users couldn’t log in. It does seem that Edge has been updated so it can process logins.

  3. StevenTorrey says:

    It seems this is true of Edge in any instance of trying to log into another website to make comments: DIsuss, Washington Post, etc. Edge has been around now for how long? 3 or 4 years, and the problem is still NOT corrected. It just refuses the sign in.

  4. Paul Emmons says:

    I have been told by several places that I Will not be able to use MS Edge shortly. I will have to use Fire Fox to Google Chrome. Why

  5. Edge is completely worthless when logging into a website. The suggestions of clearing the cache, reset the browser, etc. can seem to fix the issue. But, why would I want to do this EVERY time I reboot my machine, get an update from Microsoft, etc. It is baffling to me why they can’t fix this.

    Every other browser can log into a site… Edge… only worthwhile if you want to ‘doodle’ on a web page.

    Beyond that… it’s just taking up drive space.

  6. marjan mavis says:

    Why won’t this log me in to websites automatically even though boxes are checked and caches are clear. Please help or I will go back to google chrome.

    • Hi, Marjan! Chrome is a wonderful browser. I’m a big fan of Firefox. Microsoft is hoping to develop technology that will let us avoid using passwords, but we’re not there yet. Logging in anywhere automatically is a challenge. Microsoft has a history of being somewhat of a rogue actor in relation to browsers. Not that they’re trying to be unstable, but just that historically they’ve tried to get the rest of the world to follow their standards rather than jumping on board with the standards created BY the rest of the world. Chrome is traditionally a standards compliant browser. In general, that means you’ll have a more consistent experience on the internet by using it.

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