Cat on books

What does it take to sell books?

Cat on books

This was a hot topic at the convention. I won’t say I learned anything earth-shatteringly new, but it was nice to see it laid out simply.

Selling books takes 3 things:

1) distribution — the books have to be available widely so that people can find them

2) convertibility — people have to be able to buy the books easily once they find them

3) discoverability — they have to know the book exists so they can go looking for it

And of course, it is #3 that is the real challenge. The first two items can be handled by hard work and a little technical know how. But getting people to talk about your book, now that is a challenge.

There isn’t a magic formula or even someone you can pay to make that happen. Yes, traditionally published novels have a slight advantage in that they are able to get reviewed by all of the big-name reviewers. But even small indie published books can stir up some discussion.

Of course, it is easier to drum up a cry for your book if you can create some controversy surrounding it.

There IS one shocking scene in Sisterhood that I’ve received some flack over. It involves a psychic sexual assault. What do you think? Is that enough to cause a ruckus?

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