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library book  cartLiquid Story Binder uses its own naming methods for … things. If you’re on the Yahoo User Group you know that I’m not being vague with my language, I’m skipping over a potentially 20 page philosophical discussion of the nature of… things. Things like file types and tools and writing and stuff that you are trying to organize. Sometimes the terms used can be confusing, especially if you skip the 20 page discussion about how words are really covers for visual concepts. (Yeah, John M, I know I botched that. But I mentioned the User Group so that people who want to actually learn something can go hunt up your brilliant analysis and be amazed at how complex this topic is. Note: John has also pointed out that his website is: and THAT will definitely take us off topic.) I’m not being sarcastic there, folks. The work John is doing is brilliant.

But I want to talk about something a little simpler today. Where do you keep your binders? (Note: Liquid Story Binder now refers to binders instead of books as the main unit of a project, because a project could contain a number of books.) In the Library, of course.

“Library” is the first section of the menu on the main window of LSB. Highlighting it will show you a list of the projects/binders that you have set up. The very first sub-menu item is “View Library.” Inside the pop-up window you’ll be able to create, rename, delete, import and re-order binders. Think about this section the same as you would a shelf in your own personal library with a set of binders for each project that you’re working on. All of the research material for each project goes into that project’s binder. One of your primary goals with LSB is to be organized and to get material IN the binder.

In real life, pages fall out of my binders. They’re ripped, torn, taped, or faded. LSB keeps my virtual research material in good order. I’m aggressive about getting my research into LSB and one of my current projects is to scan some of my older drawings and maps into LSB where they’ll be safe.

When you look at that Library window, you’ll notice that you can rearrange the items. Put the project you’re working on currently at the top of the list. When LSB opens up, it will automatically open the item at the top of the Library list. When you’re finished with a project, you can move your new current project to the top.

While you’re working, if you need to access a different binder, the Library menu will contain a shortcut link to each project you’ve set up a binder for. If you’re working on Novel A and have an idea for Novel B, you can quickly jump to the other binder from the Library drop-down.

I also keep a “misc ideas” binder for the random thoughts I want to get out of my head but that I might decide to develop further later.

Users have creative ways they use binders…recipes, game records, etc. Just remember, we’re supposed to be WRITING and using LSB to keep us productive. If keeping your household chores in an LSB binder gives you more time for writing, then do it!

May you have many completed binders in your Library.

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