Tigress and Trapeze

The Rest of the Cat Story

Tigress and TrapezeSome of you may have read my earlier entries about how I seem to have stolen my neighbor’s cats.

Yesterday, we did the deed…we took the cats in for their appropriate surgeries. I can’t recommend Purrfect Pals enough. These folks run a no-kill shelter for cats and offer free spay/neuter surgeries for folks who can’t afford to have the surgeries done elsewhere. Each cat is treated like a prize patient, cared for and ooed over. If you look at their site you’ll see the cats that we saw when we were there. They have the cats in glass walled rooms — not cages — where they play on an abundance of furniture and cat trees. My daughter was glued to the glass…she thought we had cats at HOME!

Trapeze has forgiven me already for taking him in. Tigress on the other hand is not speaking to us. I’m hoping she’ll return to her normal self in a few days. They need to stay inside for two weeks to allow time to heal in peace. Presumably at the end of the two weeks they will really be our cats.

The most amazing thing about these two strays that we have been caring for is how incredibly loving they are. While our other cats are anti-social beasts, these little sweethearts are purry cuddly darlings. There is some hope for the others, though, as Squeaker has seen me wandering around with Trapeze and Tigress in my arms on more than one occasion. Each time she sees the other cats, she offers me a new gesture of affection. I am hoping to get a real snuggle out of her yet.

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