Signing Autographs

autographI just autographed the books for the Goodreads Giveaway winners. This was the first time I’ve autographed books to complete strangers. Normally, I at least know something about the person. And I found myself struck by a “politically correct” bombshell.

I’m a firm believer in the power of a blessing. This one touch, one moment, is my only moment to touch these people’s lives, and I’d like that touch to be a blessing. Political correctness reared its head, reminding me that so many people consider any talk of God to be offensive in this modern world. (Fewer than I used to think, though! I think those that are offended are just…louder.)

This was a moment to give a gift of a blessing to these strangers.

So, what should I write?

I have to admit, I was sorely tempted to just sign my name…but that felt like a cop-out.

My pastor asked in church on Sunday, “If you were judged by your writings, if people wondered if you were a Christian or not, could they tell?” Yes, I laughed in church. Fortunately, I go to one of those churches that don’t frown on such things.

My books are full of light and shadows. I was tempted to write, “stay out of the shadows” but felt that was so intensely vague — and probably not something that would make sense until they’d read book 2 anyway.

I finally settled on, “May God make his light shine upon you.” I figured it was good enough for Paul…

What do you think? How would you sign something that was your one connection with a stranger?

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