raphael st michael overwhelming the demon


raphael st michael overwhelming the demonI read a quote from an article in Writer’s Digest that said writers should blog about their research. Considering my research of late, I found this hilarious. Of course there is the usual adventure writer type of question: how does someone really react after receiving a fatal gunshot wound? (Try finding someone to answer that question reliably.) I needed something even beyond what I could get from Tactical Anatomy. Yes, I found it. No, you don’t get to hear about that one.

No, my most recent research turned out to be more bizarre. I was searching for a word that applied to angels, both of the fallen and non-fallen variety. I asked someone who would know such things for a word…and discovered that there’s more to the history of demons than I imagined. I’d always heard that demons were fallen angels. Now I’ve read my Bible through a few times, but I’d missed understanding this verse:  “And the angels who did not keep their positions of authority but abandoned their own home — these he has kept in darkness, bound with everlasting chains for judgement on the great Day.” (Jude 6)

Huh? Call me crazy, but I’ve seen enough demonic presence in the world to know that they certainly aren’t bound up with chains right now…whoever they are. Since Jesus dealt with demons on a regular basis (much as I’m forced to deal with spammers!) I can only conclude that they did and do exist and in great numbers (see Mark 5:9).

This left me with some confusion as to what to call these creatures. I had decided to use the term “watchers” when I discovered a reference to the grigori. Ah! Ready made watchers.

I do not claim to understand the origins of the creatures we call demons. I’m adding that to the list of questions I guess I’ll ask Jesus sometime during eternity. From a literary point of view, I think their mystery adds to the intrigue. What I do know is that they exist, and they like to be worshipped. Barring that, they like to blend into the background so that they can work their will without being seen. If they can not have a person’s adoration, they prefer to appear non-existent.

Imagine walking into a battlefied. You’re heavily armed. You’ve got your armor on. There are bunkers and secure positions all around you, but you aren’t making use of them. Why? Because there is no enemy. If you believe the battle is over, has been over for a long time, and you walk into the midst of that field…the very real and present enemy is going to find you easy target practice. This is the heart of my writing. We have an enemy. His minions are watching us. We’d do well to remember they exist–regardless of where they come from.

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