How to Write a Novel in World Anvil




Can you write on a train? On a beach? On a plane?

Paper notes get lost too easily. Hard drives crash.

Modern writing software is the answer, but software can be complicated and force you to work its way.

Enter World Anvil, writing and world building software that stores your writing safely in the cloud.

World Anvil can organize research, outlines, character questionnaires, and more. Imagine having all your writing and your research available to you at any given moment. In addition, it can also build an interactive website that will allow your fans to experience your story world in new and creative ways!

Learn strategies to empower your writing, including:

  • whiteboards (mind mapping)
  • article linking
  • restricted content (monetization)
  • editing and formatting your final product for publication

We’ll cover many of the popular methods for creating a book-length work and demonstrate how they can be used with World Anvil.

Light up the Forge and bring your world to life!


Don’t have World Anvil yet? Get the free version directly from World Anvil. Note: you’ll want at least the Master Guild Membership for this class, however, so that you can create private articles and use the manuscripts feature. *Note: affiliate link in use.

Who Should Take This Class:

  • writers seeking to bring organization to their process
  • those who want a process to speed up their writing
  • new authors overwhelmed by the commitment of writing a novel
  • experienced authors looking to monetize and include World Anvil in their process

What you get:

  • A detailed, text-based, comprehensive course that you can navigate at your own pace
  • 24-Hour access to an online forum where you can connect with teachers and other students
  • An invitation to attend periodic Ask Me Anything sessions hosted by the teacher through Zoom

Lesson Plan

This class is more free-form than some of the others I teach, allowing authors to explore many different techniques or just focus on how World Anvil will fit with their own approach.

  1. Sign up for World Anvil
  2. Controlling your Writing Environment
    • Getting to Know Your Writer Self
    • Getting to Know World Anvil
    • Bringing Order from Chaos
    • How to End
  3. Pantsers
    • How to Build a Chapter
    • Tagging and Linking
    • Templates and Article Types
    • Catching Ideas as They Fly Past
  4. Plotters
    • Whiteboards
    • ToDo Lists
    • Generic Articles and Linking
    • Common Methods Demonstrated in World Anvil
  5. Character Development and Relationships
  6. World-building and Research
  7. Your Creative Process Revisited
  8. Monetization and Website Creation (Note: you may want the Grandmaster or Sage tiers for these functions, but explore the options first.)

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May 28, 2023

This class was a godsend. Lisa shows in easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions not only how to create a professional manuscript, but also how to organise ideas and create articles to support the writing process, as well as how to utilise the amazing resources that World Anvil offers and build an author platform that readers can explore and enjoy. Instead of keeping notes on scraps of paper or random Word documents, I now have all my ideas, templates, timelines, character notes etc in one place. My productivity has improved, and my world-building now has a place to live other than inside my head.

Lisa is a fantastic teacher and endlessly patient with the technologically challenged (i.e. me). She has tips for both plotters and pantsers, and shows how you can adapt almost any plotting tool to World Anvil. I’d recommend this class to any writer who’d like to be better organised. If you have complex world-building in your novels, this class could be a game-changer.

Becky Rawnsley
May 27, 2023

Taking the ‘How to Write a Novel in World Anvil’ class with Lisa is like having a personal tutor to guide you through writing a novel the World Anvil way.

World Anvil showed up at just the right time in my writing journey. Some of my books are set in the Silk Roads world of the Middle Ages and I wanted a worldbuilding tool to immerse the reader in that exotic time and place. I subscribed to World Anvil after hearing Lisa talk about it because I knew it was the perfect software to build my Silk Roads world. The catch was, as always, learning to use this complex software efficiently and effectively. I lacked the know-how to guide myself around World Anvil without a great deal of fruitless hunt-and-peck searching, so when Lisa offered her WA novel-writing class, I enrolled.

The class topics floated around the needs and questions of the students. Thanks to that, I learned countless tricks and how-tos to strengthen my worldbuilding tech skills. For instance, building a glossary using BBCode is something I could not have imagined doing without taking the class. Through all the lessons and activities, Lisa and her patient, thorough guidance provided the bridge between ‘how do I do this?’ and ‘oh, I get it now, thank you.’

Working with Lisa, our class was even able to persuade the WA community and thus the administrators to make a novelist-friendly formatting change to the ‘Articles’ part of the software. That lesson in proactive participation gave us powerful insight into the workings of the WA administrators and its community. That alone made the cost of the class worth every cent.

Vicki Bendau

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