Creating Calendars, Chronicles, and Timelines on World Anvil


In Creating Calendars, Chronicles, and Timelines on World Anvil, learn to harness the time-organizing features of World Anvil in a comprehensive video lesson.



Does your story include holidays, special festivals, and observances other than the ones we use in our world? Do months have different numbers of days, or is time measured using some other unit entirely? Even if your calendar is the same as ours, do you have a bunch of events and plot points that happen over a span of time that are a pain to keep track of? Have you ever wanted to map out the occurrences of a character’s life from year to year? Consider using World Anvil! This ultimate worldbuilding software is perfect for streamlining your creative process and gathering all of your events, observances, and important dates under one virtual roof that can exist for you to reference as the author, but also be presented to readers, helping them to immerse themselves in your work even more.

Although World Anvil is a valuable tool, it can be quite daunting to log in and not know exactly where to start. This class will help you to harness the time-organizing features of World Anvil in a comprehensive, interactive, video lesson. Ossandra will be there with you every step of the way, answering questions and providing guidance as you create time-measuring resources in your very own world!

What you will learn:

  • How to create custom calendars and units of measuring time
  • How to construct and customize detailed timelines and chronicles
  • How to link articles and important events
  • How to share your work with others

Who should take this class:

  • Authors with odd units of measuring time in their story worlds
  • People who wish to organize important events into an interactive visual tool
  • Anyone new to World Anvil
  • Individuals who are confused and overwhelmed by World Anvil
  • Skeptics who don’t see the benefits of World Anvil
  • World Anvil members who don’t feel like they are using their account to its full potential

What you will get:

  • One live 2-hour video session led by Ossandra at a time that works for you
  • Forever access to the session recording
  • A comprehensive walkthrough of the World Anvil time-organizing features
  • A calendar, chronicle, and/or timeline set in your story’s world
  • Lifetime support for your World Anvil membership

Lesson Plan:

  • Overview of calendars, chronicles, and timelines
  • Decide which tool(s) will help you with your project
  • Customize the appearance of your chosen tool(s)
  • Create and link events
  • Share your work

($15 if purchased with “Getting Started on World Anvil”)


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