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Happy Indie Author Day!

While thinking about this “why I love being an indie author” post, I made the horrific mistake of glancing at my social media feed. For posterity or anyone who lives under a SEP (somebody else’s problem) field, the short version is that the US elections are fast approaching and we are forced to choose between two horrible candidates. I’m sorry if someone out there truly supports either of these people based solely on their worth, but I’m not seeing it. I’m seeing a lot of intelligent people being forced to choose their candidate based on the other choice being worse.

You support A? How could you? Don’t you know s/he has done xyz? Yes. They know. But they’re afraid because candidate B has done fgh. Our friendships are being decimated by mud slinging and personal attacks.

Let’s face it. We are powerless to get a decent human being into the White House this term. Thankfully, “The king’s (or queen’s) heart is like a stream of water directed by the Lord; he guides it wherever he pleases.”(Proverbs 21:1)

Which brings me back to why I love being an indie author. As an indie, I can tackle any topic that touches my heart. While I do not expect either candidate to end modern slavery, I can fight for understanding in my stories.

Neither of the candidates will do much to fight GMO proliferation, but Michael R. Hicks does with his Harvest Trilogy.

Want to make a difference in LGBTQ rights? Consider reading and sharing the Shards books by Peter Prellwitz. Peter was indie before it was cool.

Or maybe you’re troubled by the state of racism in the US? Support librarian Alicia McCalla who writes books her students can relate to.

Worried about artificial intelligence? Fall in love with Ma in Joseph Lallo’s Big Sigma Series. (His books are available on his website or from major retailers.) While you’re there, check out his approach to strong female characters in the Free Wrench series.

Want more strong female characters? Check out the writing of Jefferson Smith. He’ll also make you think long and hard about corruption and children’s rights.

Want to shine a light on the problems of the homeless or injustice? Check out Geoffrey Neil’s work.

Indie authors aren’t wasting their time or power on politics, they’re actively fighting for the causes they believe in, changing hearts and minds with the power of story.

This is why I’m an indie, because I want to focus on telling the stories I have to tell in the way I want to, even if they aren’t politically correct.

Want to make a real difference this election season? Instead of contributing to a political campaign, consider buying a book from one of the authors I’ve mentioned here. Write a review—not just on the book sellers’ websites and Goodreads (which are amazing and helpful), but also on your social media networks. Consider sharing the find with a librarian in your area. (You may meet with resistance because of the perceived low value of indie books caused by scammers. Take the time to educate people that indie authors are turning out quality, well edited, professional, thought provoking works.)

Don’t waste your time promoting one bad political candidate over another bad one. Actively support indie authors as they fight corruption.

When you buy an indie author’s book, your money doesn’t go to a big corporation or a political movement. Your money goes straight to an individual working to make the world a better place. Your purchase, your recommendations, your encouragement actively empowers these brave individuals to change the world.

In four years, we’ll have another election and this year’s winning candidate will be history. The work of these brilliant, thoughtful indie authors will last much longer.

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