swinging chair with cat completely relaxed and asleep

My New Reading Haven

I was walking through the hardware store when I saw it: the chair.

It wasn’t just any chair, though. This was a tomato red egg chair. To my credit, I walked away. I walked away the next two times I saw it, too. But it kept popping into my head.

My daughter loves to curl up on the sofa, and she loves to swing. This thing looked comfortable and screamed fun. It couldn’t really BE that comfortable, right?

Note: this is an affiliate link. I’m adding it in case anyone wants to see the exact chair I bought. If you buy from that link, Amazon may give me a commission.

Then I showed it to my niece, who promptly climbed into it and started swinging. Just watching her in it made me happy. “Now you!” she said.

I can be a little timid, but I’d done my research and knew it was strong enough to hold several of me, so I decided to take a gamble that I wouldn’t wind up collapsed on the concrete.

Instant comfort.

I’d read online that there was a 2 person version that doubled as a lounger. If I was going to do something this crazy, I was going to go all the way.

Since it was 4th of July and they had a sale, I cornered a sales person and asked if they could order me one.

Surprise! It wasn’t listed on the sign, but they had one left, exactly the color I wanted. To make sure, she went into the back…and returned with a fork lift.

Hm. What had I done?

She assured me that with another person, I could easily get it out of the car, and she could get it in — with the help of the fork lift. Since my niece was staying with me, I decided to count this as serendipity and the chair came home with me.

It was surprisingly easy to assemble, given that errors in assembly might result in hospitalization.

Most of the cats still think it is an alien device, potentially cat eating. My big male decided to try it out, and his response was the same as mine: instant relaxation. You can see the look of blissful rest on his furry little face.

That’s how I feel about this crazy chair, too.

It’s useful!

Since I do a lot of reading for work, it just makes sense to read in comfort, right?

If you need me any time soon, just look in the chair.

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