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Mechanical Abilities

Cute innocent looking girlMy precious daughter has just proven that she has an advanced mechanical aptitude. In other words: she can now defeat any and all child-safety devices–at 3 years of age.

Life has reached a new and more terrifying level of adventure. Her brothers are shocked and horrified, as if the universe has become more dangerous and their fragile baby sister doesn’t stand a chance. My husband shrugged and pointed out that they survived.

I didn’t remind him of the many trips to the ER, or the time the middle child decided to drink citronella oil. He climbed a tiki lamp to get the oil out. He is still part monkey.

The boys started on computers at 9 months old. The girl decided she’d rather smash the computer (which she did spectacularly) than play on it, and has only recently become addicted to webkinz, so I’d hoped for a little more time before entering this phase.

I now have one starting community college, one in his junior year in high school…and a preschooler. Today I spent a good chunk of the day with them, buying shoes for males, and was reminded of one very important thing: I am among the most blessed of women.

As a homeschool Mom, I do a lot of talking about educational styles, learning difficulties, and behavioral issues. I have to admit that I find myself judging other Moms occasionally…thinking, "well, I wouldn’t do it that way." However, I’ve come to one conclusion when it comes to kids: God knows what He’s doing. He seems to give the right kids to the right parents.

Some will surely point out that genetics plays a part, but I’ve known a good number of adopted children as well…and I firmly believe that each and every one is with the right parents. (Yes, I know there are abusive parents out there…there’s a verse in the Bible about a millstone being tied around the neck of someone who hurts a child and then the offender being thrown into the sea. I’m ignoring the evil ones.)

I’ve watched strong-willed parents teach strong-willed children how to survive without being beaten up by the universe. I’ve watched sensitive parents teach fragile flowers to thrive. Switch the children and all would be lost…and yet, somehow, the right kids get with the right parents.

And so, the mechanically minded males in the family will no-doubt devise some new and insidious baby securing device to keep the little rug-rat out of the rat poison. This, I am sure, will only serve to encourage her to further develop her mechanical abilities.

Maybe she’ll decide to be an engineer. 

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