Learning to Write

Ismartphone am trying to learn to write all over again. 

I could just pick up a pen and write without too much difficulty, but my brain tends to get stuck in a loop thinking about erasing and rewriting. And I would eventually need to type everything in.

I started typing on a typewriter when I was 7 years old, and then switched to a computer at 16. Since then, my serious writing has involved a keyboard of some sort. 

For the last few years, most of my productive writing has been with Liquid Story Binder and a keyboard. 

If you’ve never worked with LSB, you need to understand that the user interface is highly customized to improve productivity. I sit down to work and the computer vanishes. I get into my happy writing zone. 

But sadly, LSB doesn’t run on Android, and I am committed to moving to a more mobile work environment. 

Translation: I can’t sit at my desk and work. I have responsibilities that are pulling me away from home. If I am going to write, I need to move to more modern technology. 

So I switched to a new smartphone with writing software and a keyboard. It even has voice dictation software. Staring at the blank screen today, writing felt foreign and unnatural. Impossible. 

I’ll be happy just to get a blog post done. 

I keep reminding myself how long it took to get LSB to the point where I was comfortable. It is all in setting up the interface. Any day now I will be able to write creatively.

I hope. 

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