Purple Swag

It’s all about the Swag

Purple SwagEPICon 2013 was this past weekend. Hopefully, I’ll manage to get a few blog posts up about the amazing time and introduce you all to a few folks that I met.

But first — let me tell you about the swag! This con had wonderful badge holders provided by Wizards in Publishing. Very beautiful. Very purple! The badge holders / wallets came in extremely handy for carrying cards and exchanging information. I would not have been able to keep up with the many contacts I made without this wonderful blessing.

The convention bags were provided by Wild Child Publishing – thanks, Marci! You rocked in that dress at the awards ceremony! These bags were also purple to match the wallets. Nice touch.

Also in the package was a letter opener from etreasurespublishing.com that contains a writer’s collection of post-it flags. Nice. That’s going on my desk.

Next to the very nice pen and the packet of pre-printed notes from some of the speakers (THANK YOU!) was a nice little thumb drive. Yet again, a piece that I will keep on my desk or with me. This came from BelleBooks / BellBridge. Thanks, Debra! If I was still looking for a publisher, I would have stalked you.

From what I could tell, the most coveted prize (other than those lovely EPIC and Ariana awards!) was a tiara donated by the stunningly beautiful Sabrina York. Sabrina and I met at the meet and greet and she helped me get over my sudden shy attack when faced with a room full of very-together authors. We chatted about marketing and weight loss, and I can tell you she makes both look easy enough to encourage me to try harder.

The point I’m making here is that if you are going to a convention or to a signing or anything else where you want to get noticed and remembered, think in advance about your swag. While you’re at the event, it is your sparkling personality that will capture their attention, but when your potential readers go home, it is the swag that’ll keep you in mind.

I’ve enjoyed going through the cards and promo pieces that I received from the convention today, buying books and connecting with some of the fantastic people I met.

What is the best swag you’ve ever received? What would you love to get?

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