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Is it Time to Pivot?

As I write this, the world is dealing with a global pandemic. I work as a consultant to writers all over the planet and I’ve heard the same stories from folks all over the world.

We joke about toilet paper.

We end every meeting with, “stay safe.”

For some, life is business as usual…but those folks are in the minority.

Many people are dealing with school closures, lockdowns, and other disruptions that affect every aspect of life: emotionally, spiritually, economically.

Some of my clients have found that these sudden changes fit with their existing business models.

Are you spiritually hungry? If you are struggling with church closures, I urge you to check out Interfaithfulness. Not just for Messianic Jews, Rabbi Dauermann’s words bring hope.

Or maybe you’re just hungry! Check out Culinary Lion and Grilling 24×7. Frank Campanella has a solution for suddenly not being able to dash out to your favorite restaurant.

But what if your business model doesn’t fit?

What does it mean to Pivot?

Pivoting is a move used by basketball players, among others. The player dashes down the court, the basket in sight, when suddenly they are met by an unavoidable blocker. How does the player score?

You go over, around, or you pass the ball.

Watch a basketball player. They plant their foot, come to a sudden screeching stop, and they move in another direction.

That’s a pivot.

Is it Time to Pivot?

Only you can guess whether the disturbances in the world today require a change of direction or not.

I work with a number of teacher / educators. We talk about approaching the world as a global marketplace. Some have decided that they must work one-on-one with their students in close proximity.

And now, many are reconsidering that necessity. Could they work over the internet using Zoom or another platform?

There are some delightful offerings in this area. Check out the group music classes offered for kids by composer / director Hestia September.

Writers are finding they have more time to write, and Lawson Writer’s Academy is there to guide and encourage.

I’m working with teachers to show them how to use technology to keep working while not exposing their students to unnecessary risks.

How to Pivot

  • Take stock of your business situation and prospects
  • Look at the situation around you. Is this temporary? Is there a shifting in your industry that may extend beyond this crisis?
  • What strengths do you have to offer?
  • What would your business look like if it was successful in this environment?
  • Is this an opportunity that might benefit your business even if the world returns to normal?
  • What challenges do you face getting from here to there?

Need help?

I’ve been hard at work with the folks on Deleyna’s List, helping them explore options.

If you are stuck or need help, reach out to me through my contact form.

Feel free to share how your business is pivoting in the comments form. I’d love to hear how and what you are doing!

I’ve been a business and technology consultant for many years. This isn’t the first disaster I’ve seen. I’m here to help, and I’m happy to provide a free consultation if you’re struggling with the need to pivot your business onto a more profitable path.

Choose hope.

Stay safe.

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