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I Don’t Want to be Nagged by a Book!

I have a lot on my plate. My reading time is precious, and often snatched between other life events.TREE Clock

One of the latest innovations in e-books would annoy me. Imagine not only being marketed and jibed into buying a book, but having the book itself pushing you to read it!

Here is an article about the new TREEbook format.

Mind you, the technology sounds cool. I used to love those pick your own ending books. This seems like it would combine that feeling with a gaming experience and perhaps the swirling time-lines of “Lost” or “Once Upon A Time” — two addictions I’d rather not add to, if I intend to get any writing done!

They’ll be charging authors to purchase the software to enable them to write a story for the device.

As cool as this sounds, I almost hope it falls flat.

I don’t need additional software to purchase and learn, and I certainly don’t need a book that tells me I’m missing something because I haven’t picked it up recently!

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