Happy Spring!

deerSpring has come to the Pacific Northwest – where I live. My bulbs are starting to peek their heads above ground. Color is returning to my world.
This winter has seemed exceptionally long for me, and it has taken a toll on my creativity. My muse went into hibernation. With the return of the sun, she’s beginning to peek her head out and look around as well.
Exciting things are happening in my life, and I look forward to working more with a new group of authors and friends. Life is good and exciting.
For the writers who read this blog: what are you doing to tend to your muse? Have you embraced the sunshine lately? In amongst the rigors of network marketing and social media, don’t forget to do the things that feed your heart and enrich your soul.
Maybe forget the computer for a day. Turn it off. Turn off the TV. In fact, turn off everything that has a switch. Spend a day with real people, really connecting. Have a picnic. Take the kids out for pizza. Throw rocks in the ocean or a local river.
Your muse will show her gratitude with renewed creativity and productivity!

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