Fast Food

It has been one of THOSE days. By noon, I hadn’t cleared out my in-box yet. In fact, it is now almost 4PM and it STILL isn’t cleared out. It’s better, but whew! About Noon, I realized I hadn’t even started the soup for dinner yet. Since I’d planned dinner to be one of those long simmering soups that starts out with something frozen and ends up ready to eat anywhere between 4 and 8PM, I knew I’d oopsed. My first thought was, "Hey, I’ve got those Little Ceasar’s coupons!" I have to admit, I stayed with that thought for a while.

Then I was convicted. Here I am, trying to cook healthy food for my family. I’ve committed to a very tight food budget and one pizza run — even with coupons — is going to do damage to that budget. My stubborn side reared its head. Well, fine. I’ve a house full of food, maybe I could microwave something. The problem was, I also hadn’t eaten breakfast and I wasn’t feeling very creative. I stumbled into the pantry and came face to face with a can of black beans.

I hate beans. The only ones I eat with any joy at all are black beans. Black bean soup with sour cream is delicious. That settled dinner. Suddenly, I went from being depressed over missing out on the pizza to excited about what I could pull of with that can of beans.  You’ll laugh, but I’m already looking forward to that soup. In fact…it might be done enough that I could sample a bowl. I’m going to put the recipe up on my new food site, right after I go make sure it hasn’t burned or something…I mean, I have to check the seasonings, right?

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