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Deleyna’s Dynamic Designs focuses on websites for writers.

(However, we have done custom websites for other industries and even for weddings.)

Our goal is to create custom websites that are easy for the owner to update and feel comfortable using.

Website Creation

Need a website? Contact me. I’m happy to answer questions.

Author Training

I teach classes on website design for writers online and in person. Sign up for my newsletter to be notified when the next class will be.

I also teach classes in internet marketing, indie publishing, and social media for authors.

Want me to teach a specialized class for your group? Contact me and we’ll chat!


I’m a big believer in building websites that authors can maintain and update on their own.

Over the years, customers have asked me to offer support packages. Generally, these are busy authors with no time to update their websites. Having me available to help with minor tasks helps them stay focused on their writing.

Some folks use these packages for one-on-one coaching and help with specific issues as the web grows and changes. I love helping authors focus on their career and marketing goals! The monthly check-ins help hold them accountable without creating undue stress.

I’ve been told that having a support subscription with me is like having an insurance policy for a website. If anything goes wrong, I’m there to help.

Website Recovery

These can be some of the most challenging adventures. Sometimes authors hire expensive web developers to design very specialized websites. Over time, these websites break down, developers decide to go fishing off the coast of South America, and authors are left with websites they can’t update.

I’m available to help untangle the mess and bring the site into a more updated, easy to maintain format.

But what if the website is gone? Sometimes you can find bits of it on the Internet Archive. I’ve been known to pull pieces out of oblivion. There’s never a guarantee with this, but it is rewarding when we can pull it off!

Feel free to contact me if you have questions.


Deleyna started a business helping independent sales professionals with marketing materials back in 1997 in order to support her writing.

In 2008, she shifted the business focus to helping other authors develop their web presence and Deleyna’s Dynamic Designs was born.

The concept of Dynamic Design comes from the unique needs of designing for the web, a platform that is constantly changing and viewed on devices ranging from tiny phones to big screen TVs.


Skills and perspectives that make popular “gurus” look stupid

February 21, 2024

Lisa is the professional of professionals. If you don’t hire her, well…you’re an idiot.

Look, I’ve been making a living as an Indie author & cartoonist since 2004, but those precious 3% adjustments that change entire careers eluded me. That’s why I sought Lisa’s counsel. Her perspectives, knowledge & skill sets are rock solid. When it comes to the process, the industry, and knowledge of the publishing landscape, Lisa provides me with an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE. With the growing issues with Amazon and Google, and [fill in the mega platform here], an unfair advantage is something I desperately needed.

FREE TIP: Let me ease your pain and suffering by sharing THE #1 SECRET to achieving success with Lisa:

LISTEN to her!!

Once I put my ego in my back pocket, my traffic grew, my subscribers increased, my fans started interacting more…and I smiled so hard, my cheeks hurt. Yeah, I know this is a long process for most of us, but when the publishing world is going bat-crap crazy, you’re going to need her evergreen knowledge as your foundation. Her prices to value ratio also makes every service and class a steal.

My only complaint is that the rating-thingy above only goes up to 5 Stars.

That’s stupid.

Lisa deserves 12 Stars

Jaime Buckley creator of LifeOfFiction.com

In awe

October 15, 2022

Over the years, I wrestled with my website and never got it to look or perform well. So, I chugged along with an ugly, clunky thing of a website that never made much of a splash in Google rankings or anywhere else. But at least it was there, right? (I’d say to myself). Then I met Deleyna. Six weeks later, I’m proud to say I’m super satisfied with my website. In fact, I love it! First time I’ve ever said that. My bright and shiny new website is solid and robust and pretty and I can barely believe it. Best of all, I got to know Deleyna. She’s patient and clear and so knowledgeable. She communicates without barriers. A true gem of a teacher and person! I couldn’t have achieved building my new website without her.

Anne Mortensen

Five Stars, what else?

October 13, 2021

Thank you, Deleyna, for being the website partner I need. Your care and feeding of e-impaired authors is a godsend. You make it all possible!


Knowledgeable, Targeted, and Personalized Support

October 12, 2021

Lisa helped me create a website from nothing. I brought no knowledge to the table, but plenty of dread. Working with technology is scary business for me, but Lisa’s knowledge, support, and encouragement made it happen. I’m still in the beginning stages of exploring the possibilities of my website but am thrilled to have one after hoping to have one for years. She’s a patient and knowledgeable instructor who will listen to what you want and help you design it. Her instruction is targeted and personalized to your needs. I’d encourage anyone who wants a quality website to work with her.


Empowers You To Be Your Best

October 11, 2021

I’ve had many website experts/helpers over my freelancing career. None have engaged with me and supported me the way Lisa has. Whereas others did website essentials *for me*, Lisa empowers me to do for myself and understand the why behind each decision to ensure my business runs at peak optimization. Her knowledge knows no bounds. She’s like the Great and Powerful Oz behind the scenes, but with a stellar client rapport and a huge heart. I send absolutely everyone who needs a website to her, regardless of their industry. Everyone needs a Lisa on their team!

L.A. Mitchell

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