Deleyna’s List

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Deleyna’s List

Ever wish you had someone you could contact with a quick question about your website? Wish you had someone watching out for you? Someone who was on your side without a vested interest in the success of their product?

Enter Deleyna’s List. Up until now, this has been a secret feature that I’ve offered only to a select few customers.

I’m a big believer that people should learn to maintain and control their own websites. A number of customers have pointed out that while they COULD do this, they’d rather have me doing it or at least backing them up. I’ve heard it described as an insurance policy for your website. So…due to popular demand, I’m opening Deleyna’s List up to new clients.

Here’s how it works: at the basic level, you purchase an hour of my time on a monthly basis. You add me to your website as an administrator. I check in at least once a month (usually more often, depending on your needs). I look for problems: updates needing to be done, comments ignored, SEO issues. Whenever possible, I make those problems go away.

You can use your hour any way you want.

You can use my online scheduling service to easily set up a virtual, on-line meeting with me when it is convenient for both of us.

We’ll work on whatever your current headache is. Maybe you want me to tweak a new theme or review content. Maybe you’re just stuck.

Some clients use this feature for a customized monthly class in web development. Some use it as a writing and marketing strategy session.

Want more?

At the higher levels (more than 1 hour/month) I provide excellent customer service via email for your clients, a time-saver for those selling web-based products. This is ideal when you need a web-developer to function as an integral part of a team without having to pay the wages of a dedicated IT staff.

Bonus for writers: since much of my work is with writers, a few of my clients use their time for coaching on indie-publishing in both technical and creative areas.

Monthly Plan:

Annual Plan:

Just need a quick, one time fix? You can purchase a block of time that you can use whenever you want for help with your site, coaching, or other training.


Note: I’m picky about who I work with. I’m a recovering type-A, so I take my work seriously. I choose not to work with anyone who yells or throws tantrums. I’m a professional and I work with professionals. I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. Obviously, if you aren’t on my list, you won’t be billed.

Have questions? Contact me and let’s discover how we can work together to boost your success!