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7 Things Men Should Be Learning from #YesAllWomen

No, I'm not jumping on a band wagon. Or... maybe I am. Because this particular band wagon is definitely going my way. "Women's issues" are a hot button with me. They show up in my writing. They show up in my nightmares. I've heard too many stories from women all over the world. After I […]

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Why #YesAllWomen is Important

Have you read the tweets for #YesAllWomen on Twitter? If not -- take a moment. I'm going to guess that a lot of men are shocked. These are the stories that women whisper to each other or never speak of at all. I love that women have made it clear -- they don't think all […]

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Passwords and Secret Codes

We now have to reset a large number of passwords. The goal is to create passwords that are so complex that you'd never guess them. Except if they are that strong, you have zero chance of remembering them. You could use a password tool. These work very well for some people. Most of you already […]

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Mom's Final Months

I have trouble sharing the trauma that I went through caring for my mother in the final months of her battle against cancer. A friend came to visit her shortly before her death. The friend could not sit in the room with Mom for more than 5 minutes, because seeing what had become of that […]

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Library Science

One of the biggest challenges as an independent writer -- at least for me -- is getting books into the library system. I have spent hours researching this. There are many companies that offer to do this for me for a large fee. I've gone through different procedures for getting included, always to be told, […]

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Saying Goodbye

About 12 years ago, my precious kitty died. I was heart broken, and so my husband brought home a kitten. Except she wasn't really a kitten. It turned out that this cat had been turned into the shelter the day before we got her. She'd been given her shots, fixed and chipped, and was still […]

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