Adventures that Enchant the Mind and Liberate the Soul

My New Reading Haven

I was walking through the hardware store when I saw it: the chair. It wasn't just any chair, though. This was a tomato red egg chair. To my credit, I walked away. I walked away the next two times I saw it, too. But it kept popping into my head. My daughter loves to curl […]

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Backlit Colemak Keyboard!

My adventures in searching for the perfect Colemak keyboard.

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Let's Change the World

2019 is about to rush onto the stage as 2018 slinks off in embarrassment. The world isn't the best place to live right now. Has anyone else noticed? People are at each others throats over politics, religion...just about everything. Seems to me, we've got a lot of nervous energy being directed at anyone who looks […]

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Why I Love Inbox Zero

Inbox Zero is attainable! Here's how to quickly get to the bottom of the virtual pile.

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What's Wrong with American Democracy

Right now, do an exercise: Pick one hot topic that you feel strongly about. Pick something you feel so strongly about that you are willing to fight for it. Now, describe someone who holds the opposing view. Did you come up with words like stupid or idiot? How about the more intellectually appropriate word: uninformed? […]

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Writers: Surviving Technological Revolution

I admit it: I dearly want to climb under my desk, put my hands over my ears, and chant "la la la" until I can ignore the changes in my digital world. I want to go back to the glory days of the internet when everything was shiny and new and I felt like I […]

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