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Revenge of the Blog - Julie Weathers

I have been featured and mentioned a couple of times lately in the blog of my (hopefully still after this) dear friend Julie Weathers. I've known this wonderful lady through my on-line writers' group for...a long time, and I've only ever found one thing wrong with her: she could use a bit more self-confidence. So, […]

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Kittens -- part 2

The mother cat and one of the kittens have returned to our porch. We have no idea what happened to the female kitten I called "Rose", but are happy to see the others again. Since we no longer have any responsibility towards them -- our neighbor having declared them to be his cats -- we […]

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The neighborhood cats all know I'm a sucker for a mother and kittens. This latest brood moved in under our front steps a few weeks ago. The mother cat was starving. I already have enough cats, thanks, but here was this pitiful creature and her two adorable kittens. Of course, I made the classic mistake: […]

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Mechanical Abilities

My precious daughter has just proven that she has an advanced mechanical aptitude. In other words: she can now defeat any and all child-safety devices--at 3 years of age. Life has reached a new and more terrifying level of adventure. Her brothers are shocked and horrified, as if the universe has become more dangerous and […]

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Thoughts on Fear

It's high time I started writing something for my blog. I've been doing a lot of thinking about fear and faith. I've always thought that the two were mutually exclusive. I thought if I had more faith in...God, myself, etc., I wouldn't have as much fear in my life. This weekend, I learned exactly how […]

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How to start a blog

I never thought I'd actually start a blog. I mean, I've written articles for the internet...but a blog just seems so...self-serving. Self-promoting. A friend once compared it to having people read your diary. How...horrifying. Someone recently asked me, "Are you allergic to money?" Having never been exposed to it in large doses, I'd have to […]

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