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What's in a name?

Things are settling down on the home front now, and before I launch into the adventure of making Thanksgiving Cookies, I thought I should post an update to the blog. Web design is full of technical potholes, some of which are deeper than others. Some of them are giant sinkholes just waiting for the unwary. […]

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I first met Mona in 1988. Meeting my boyfriend's parents was a scary proposition. Terror doesn't even begin to express the emotions I had running through my mind. So, when I found myself looking down at a tiny woman in her night-gown and worn robe, I was shocked. Her voice was gravelly, sounding perpetually annoyed […]

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Moving the Blog

My adventures in blogging began with a series of tests of different blogging platforms. I felt that I couldn't advise people without at least trying them. Part of the test was to see which platform would be picked up first by the search engines. Interestingly enough, WordPress was picked up before Blogger in my test. […]

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I am allergic to money

News from the Surrey International Writer's Conference: It has been a busy couple of days in the vendor hall and I still have one more to go. I have had a wonderful time encouraging writers, sharing information, and generally basking in the cumulative affect of having this many truly creative individuals in one place. I […]

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Wants and Needs

There is a lot of talk about what is wrong with the economy. Personally, I think the root of the matter is a problem with the English language. Language is such a fluid concept, and words can change their meanings over time. Culturally, we've lost our understanding of two words: want and need. Those words […]

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The Season of Apples

When my boys were little, we lived in California. Every autumn, we'd drive to a local farm. A hay ride would take us to a barn heated by a huge wood stove, where we'd listen to stories of Johnny Appleseed while sipping fresh cider. The van would be heavy with boxes on the drive home, […]

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