Adventures that Enchant the Mind and Liberate the Soul


Maxine was Belle's friend as well as a friend to my parents. She kept a lovely, immaculate home full of antiques, fresh flowers and birds. I'd never met anyone who had birds, and would often wander off into the room where they sat in their cages and listen to their singing. Being a firm cat-person […]

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Another entry in my ongoing notes about the women who have influenced my life. Belle became my stand-in grandmother in my junior high years. She would take me into her home on Saturdays and we would craft beautiful things. My parents had accepted my insane love of hand-crafts by that point in life and felt […]

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So, according to Julie, I'm supposed to pick the book closest to me, turn to page 56 and type in what is said there. You asked for it. From Building Websites with Joomla 1.5 by Hagen Graf (duh...what else did you expect to be sitting next to my computer...) The statement that content is crucial, […]

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Agile Development

I try to keep up on the latest techniques and trends in the web design environment, and today I stumbled across this:  The Agile Manifesto. While this isn't specifically a new concept, it amazes me that it took until 2001 for someone to write it up. Even more amazing was an article I read about […]

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Zen Garden

It's time for me to write something about web design in amongst all of the personal bits. One of the first things I have new customers do is to follow the link on the right hand side of my site to the Zen Garden and review some of their sample sites. For some, this seems […]

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Grandma Gladys

After Mona's death, I've been thinking about what it means to be a woman, and in particular how I came to feel the way I do about femininity. This has led me to thinking about the odd circumstances of my childhood and formative years that have led me to seek role models from outside my […]

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