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Marketing for the burn bin

I won't say that marketing techniques are getting worse...because I already sound like a broken record. For years I've fought the fraudulent yellow pages bills sent to companies hoping that the treasurer will pay the 'bill" without realizing it isn't a real bill. Since I'm both the treasurer and the person who buys phone service […]

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E-publishing for not-so-dummies

Less than a year ago, I took a young woman aside and quietly explained that I was worried the e-publishing trend she was following might harm her writing career. I'd like to officially apologize. I was wrong. OK. I wasn't just wrong, I was horribly horribly wrong. Fortunately, she's a smart young woman and blew […]

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Surrey Photo

I am so grateful to Ursula Maxwell-Lewis/SiWC.ca for this photo she took of me at the Surrey International Writer's Conference. She managed to capture the booth before the sign fell down and me before I came down with my daughter's going away present: a fever that left me looking like a truck ran over me. […]

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Amazing Safari Detail

Every day I learn something new about web design. Over the last two weeks, I have watched a site that I'd designed malfunction on one browser: Safari. Now, all of the "real" programmers out there are laughing at me, because nothing crashes on Safari. Safari is supposedly the most compliant browser in the interuniverse -- […]

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The Rest of the Cat Story

Some of you may have read my earlier entries about how I seem to have stolen my neighbor's cats. Yesterday, we did the deed...we took the cats in for their appropriate surgeries. I can't recommend Purrfect Pals enough. These folks run a no-kill shelter for cats and offer free spay/neuter surgeries for folks who can't […]

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone! 2008 has been a roller coaster for all of us, I suspect. Losing Mona so suddenly has caused me to re-think many of my priorities in life. Then today, a friend sent me this article about Joshua Bell playing a Stradivarius in the subway and it helped me put into […]

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