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The Auction and website design

Brenda Novak's Auction for Diabetes has begun! Day one...and there have been no bids yet on my website offering. Probably too early to start feeling self-conscious. I am a new name in the business, after all, and people don't know what to expect from me. Just today I ran into a common problem -- a […]

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My children had not been doing their chores. Again. I glared around at the house, sniffing through my stuffed up sinuses, tracking down litter boxes in need of cleaning. In the process I discovered empty cat food dishes, and hidden stashes of dirty dishes left mouldering and forgotten in corners. Teenagers. As sick as I […]

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Trapped in Hell

(If you like to avoid religious commentary, you may want to skip this one...) I've had a friend tell me lately that she felt like she was trapped in Hell, and before you say you're sure I'm referring to you, I've heard it more than once. It amazes me how many different forms of hell-on-earth […]

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The Year of Jubilee

Completely random bit this time, but it has been on my mind. Biblically I've seen that God decreed a Year of Jubilee once every 50 years. (Yes, for the scholars out there, I know these years don't equate to our years. I've also heard that the Jews never actually celebrated the Year of Jubilee, but […]

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Penguins can't fly with Eagles

This is the marketing rant I've been warning you was coming...sort of. We have a policy that we never buy from high pressure salesmen. Why? Well, because if they had a good product, they probably wouldn't have to push so hard. If they're pushing, they're probably hiding something they don't want me to find out. […]

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Potato Blessing

I was going to go off on another rant about marketing today, but I have been distracted by potatos. Be grateful...you're spared that diatribe for another day. On Sunday, our church informed us that we had been blessed with potatos. Several tons of potatos had been dropped off last week and volunteers had bagged them […]

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