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Sun, Vegetables and Soap

I started today with a rush, dashing off to the eye doctor and more than a little afraid. My eyesight seems to have been getting worse of late, and I was terrified he would tell me the diabetes was affecting my eyes, even though I've been working so hard to keep my blood sugar under […]

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Fight Hunger Now

I know what it is to be hungry. I was fortunate never to go hungry as a child, but as an adult as I struggled to learn to feed myself and later my young family, there were many days when I was hungry. I remember the days when I was a single woman living with my roommate […]

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What's up with Blogger?

I can't believe how many problem reports I've seen about Blogger just this week. Since I don't usually tech Blogger, I did some reading up on the current problems and found a nice variety. Perhaps it was just that I was more alert to the issue, but now I seem to be seeing people having trouble with it […]

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Day of Reckoning

"Our wallet is empty. Our bank is closed. Our credit is dried up. ... We must make these cuts and live within our means because what is the alternative?" -- Gov. Arnold Schwarzengger It seems I'm not the only one who feels this way these days. I find myself discussing the credit crisis with friends […]

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The Jersey Barrier

Warning: I'm going to use the "G" word. A friend of mine wrote a blog post recently about letting your Jersey out, and she included me because she knows I tend to be soft spoken and I tend to hold my feelings inside.  She did good. It was a well written, well thought out summary of her […]

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Fast Food

It has been one of THOSE days. By noon, I hadn't cleared out my in-box yet. In fact, it is now almost 4PM and it STILL isn't cleared out. It's better, but whew! About Noon, I realized I hadn't even started the soup for dinner yet. Since I'd planned dinner to be one of those long simmering soups […]

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