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I have nothing to say

I've heard clients worry that they have nothing to say. I don't believe that's the real problem. I think a closer reality may be, "I don't have anything I feel comfortable saying." At least in my life, this is true. Look at people whose personal blogs you read all of the time. Those people have […]

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Jaeli needs milk

I'm going to do something I don't usually do with my blog. I'm going to pass on a story I heard that has a request for money attached. I've been following the tale of this tiny baby since she was born. Her mother is a writer on a list that I follow...a very kind woman […]

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Hidden in previous blog posts you'll find a series of articles about women who have influenced me. This one is long over-due to be published. I tried to see this lovely woman during my recent trip through California, but we didn't connect. I'm missing her deeply. Kitty is married to my extra father, Bill. During […]

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Search Engine Strategies

How often each day do I talk to folks about search engines? Always, I feel like I'm dancing on thin ice. My best advice today could be out-of-date tomorrow. The search engine war for dominance is hot and heated, and those of us with websites are on the front lines as the weapons of choice. We are […]

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Twitter Twalk

I get asked about Twitter -- often. Questions range through all of the traditional journalistic queries: who, where, why, how, etc. I even have a Twitter lesson that I give now, because it is such a hot topic. I decided it's time I wrote it down so I could just say, "read my blog!" First […]

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Why I'm Mad

Note: this one is for my Christian friends. The rest of you, go read my food site. I've got a new post over there about making lasagna the "right" way. The rest of you, you're going to have to endure a bit of a rant...because I really am mad--in every sense of the word. I follow […]

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