Classes FAQ

What are the classes like?

Classes are primarily text based. You read the lessons and do the homework. There are forums where you can ask questions and interact with me and with the other students. Start the class when you want, finish when you want. Come back later and review. Check in on your progress.

I’m working hard to include reference material that you can bookmark and come back to. My goal is to be continually updating this material.

Classes are hands-on interactive. You can be social with the other students or lurk. It is your choice. There will also be group sessions where you can meet with me on Zoom and ask questions.

For example: in the social media class, you’ll work on your social media presence. In the website class, you’ll build one!

I’m using the World Anvil platform to store all of the class material so you’ll have easy access.

Why are you teaching on World Anvil?

World Anvil is a platform designed for writers. It includes powerful social networking tools along with tools designed just for writers. Even though it is still in beta, it is my favorite space on the internet.

World Anvil has a staff of dedicated support people to keep things running smoothly. With super-powered security and constantly evolving power toys designed with writers in mind, it leaves me with more time for writing class material. I’ve worked with a bunch of different schools and classroom environments. They tend to be either too restrictive, too fragile, or too expensive for what I had in mind. World Anvil is powerful.

In addition, World Anvil is a home for writers. Since I’m teaching classes for writers, it just felt right to teach the classes where so many of them live.

As the classes grow, I’ll be able to include more fun options to make the classes more interactive and useful. The tools on World Anvil are giving me more freedom to expand and bring the classes to life.

How do I sign up for World Anvil?

The signup process is easy and free! Click this link*.

Click here for a step-by-step walk through of the signup process!

*This is an affiliate link. There’s no charge for the freeman level account, but this lets them know that you came to World Anvil with me.

What if I already have a World Anvil account?

You don’t need to sign up again! There’s no minimum account level required for most of the classes.

Note: you will need at least a Master level account for the “How to Write a Novel in World Anvil” class. This class teaches you how to use features that are not available at the Freeman level.

Is there a time limit on how long I can be in the class?

No! There are no time limits. You will have immediate access to the class. You can take it at your own speed and review it whenever you want. This type of class is referred to as “evergreen” – meaning that as long as the platform lasts, you’ll have access to it. When I update the classes, you’ll have access to the updates.

What about one-on-one meetings?

In the past, I included a lot of one-on-one meetings with my classes. This meant I could only help a few people at a time. When I got a bigger class, I was exhausted! It became hard for people to find a time on my schedule.

I’ve decided to no longer include one-on-one meetings in the classes, but don’t worry! I’m replacing them with group meetings. When I see a group of people active in a class, I’ll schedule these group meetings. You can also request one! I will be scheduling these for different time zones so that everyone has a chance to participate. When you sign up for a class, you’ll be added to a mailing list for students of that class. I’ll notify everyone on the list when I schedule a meeting. You are free to unsubscribe from these lists. There’s also a list of upcoming meetings on the home page of each class.

I’ll still be providing support for the classes in the forums and via email if you want to ask a question in private.

My hope is to also include some video tutorials that you’ll be able to reference and watch whenever you would like.

I do still offer on-on-one coaching here.