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Big changes coming to my life!

Give me a shiny toy and I will absolutely play with it.

But World Anvil is more than a toy. It has changed my life.

Many years ago, I used another writing software that helped me be more productive. When technology left that software behind, I was crushed.

Some people can write in Word. I’m not one of them. My muse throws up her hands and goes on strike. Scrivener has a ton of power, but the wench refuses to use that as well.

Eternal Sage Badge

For a long time, Evernote appeased my muse. I still like it and use it continually. I’m using it to draft this blog. But World Anvil… oh, the shiny. My muse saw it and demanded that it become her writing playground. She would not take no for an answer. After buying the 50 percent off deal after last NaNoWriMo, it quickly became obvious that an annual subscription would not do. I’m now a lifetime sage member. I have the shiny badge to prove it.

At the Sage level of World Anvil, there are classes in marketing and career building. Now some of you will laugh because I’ve been TEACHING classes like that for years. Part of World Anvil is a community of writers and world builders who are supportive and encouraging. Six months of World Anvil adventures have exposed my writerly procrastination.

Friends in the community have said, “How long are you going to put off focusing on your writing?” My family echoed those words.

The time is now.

My website business has grown to where I have an assistant and can step back a bit.

My publishing business has grown and is now a corporation! My writers are doing well. I have helpers, and I don’t have to live and breathe it every day. I can focus on empowering my writers.

But I’m a terrible example if I’m not also working on my writing!

Time to be a good example.

It’s time for me to focus. And play. And write.

Time to bring my worlds to life.

World Anvil Summer Camp Diamond Winner 2022 badge

World Anvil is writing gamified, something that overcomes my tendency to procrastinate by stoking my competitive urges.

Shiny badges will do that to me.

And wow — that competition is fierce!

(I did just learn that at least one of my articles made the shortlist for one of the 31 competitions from July. And the judge, aka Wordigirl, even called out one of my other articles for special attention. Made my day. You can see all of my articles — many of which are very rough — here. You’ll quickly see why I decided I needed more time for writing!)

I’d already decided that 2022 would be a year for me to focus on my writing, but as the year has moved past, more and more things have gotten in the way.

That can’t continue.

What does this change mean for you?

  • I’m considering a live-streamed podcast where you can join me for discussions of story and worldbuilding
  • The second and third books of the Dominion Trilogy
  • Spaceport – my light hearted science fiction series
  • Lots of short bits of world building and experimentation
  • More frequent updates of the blog and newsletter
  • And more!

It won’t happen all at once. I hope you’ll join me in this creative experiment that I call a career.

Featured image by Deleyna via Midjourney with help from Canva.

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