backlit colemak keyboard

Backlit Colemak Keyboard!

I use a Colemak keyboard layout. Yes, it was hard to switch, but worth it. I can now type all day without strain on my knuckles.

My husband has a beautiful backlit keyboard and I have been a little jealous. My keyboard was nice, but it had stickers…because I still need to see the letters. I’m a coder. Sometimes I need to find | (which doesn’t move on Colemak, but you get the idea).

Last week, my husband gave me a beautiful new computer for my birthday, and it came with a stunning backlit keyboard.

I immediately installed the Colemak driver so I could type and went to work…but I kept struggling because all of the keys were labelled wrong! (Standard) I had to close my eyes to type.

The documentation online did not say how to remove the keycaps, only that they were removable. Presumably this is for when you spill your drink on the keyboard as it is waterproof. I saw some videos online, but the model didn’t match and the keys looked different.

Tech support was no help.

Giving up, I thought about trying to buy a new keyboard already set up for Colemak, but they were all expensive and no way near as cool as this one.

Frustration won in the end. I pulled out my screw driver and gently pried up on one of the keys. Snap — off it came. And it wasn’t broken!

With my trusty Colemak layout in hand, I gently removed each key that needed to move and put them in the “right” place. A gentle push down and they were all set. Solid. Comfortable. Beautiful.

I don’t know that this would work on all keyboards, but I want to encourage anyone else who is desperate. If you’re willing to risk damaging the keyboard, it is possible to move the keys, at least on this MSI Interceptor!

And isn’t it cool looking?

Want your own? You can get it here. Then you just have to load the Colemak driver and move the keys around very carefully. (Note that’s an Amazon Affiliate link. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I only recommend products that I use and love.)

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