Adventures that Enchant the Mind and Liberate the Soul

Big changes coming to my life!

My life is a study in change right now. An adventure is unfolding as I focus on my career and explore world building.

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Level up Your Worldbuilding Skills

Deleyna interviews Janet Forbes, one of the creators of World Anvil, to showcase this exciting writing and worldbuilding tool in detail!

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The Demons in the Machine

Meet an Artificial Intelligence There's an AI in a game I like to play. I've been playing this game for a few years: cute animations, fun puzzles, just enough to distract my brain. Except lately, I've been distracted by the way the AI is changing the game. About a year ago, the developer decided to […]

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Words Matter

I've just had a discussion with someone in the technology industry – a discussion about words, specifically an industry standard technology term that they feel has no emotional context. We were talking about the sorting of data into "good" and "bad" – the good being the "whitelist" and the bad being the "blacklist." Now remember, […]

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Political Parley

Parley (noun): "a conference between opposing sides in a dispute, especially a discussion of terms for an armistice." Oxford English Dictionary If you can't handle one more political rant, please skip this post, and know that I respect your decision. I can't handle one more political rant. Throughout this post, I suspect many of you […]

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Three Tips for Surviving the Apocalypse

Never wear red. Red attracts zombies, aliens, and police cars. Yellow and blue are much safer color choices. Don't split the party. Keep your family close. Pool your resources. Watch each others' backs. Look up. Spiders, aliens, and monsters attack from above. No one ever looks up. This is where the scary things hide. If […]

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