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Three Tips for Surviving the Apocalypse

Never wear red. Red attracts zombies, aliens, and police cars. Yellow and blue are much safer color choices. Don't split the party. Keep your family close. Pool your resources. Watch each others' backs. Look up. Spiders, aliens, and monsters attack from above. No one ever looks up. This is where the scary things hide. If […]

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Daniel Ottalini Has a New Novella!

I love to interview authors for this blog. Today I'm joined by EPIC award winning author, Daniel Ottalini. I had the pleasure of being seated next to Daniel when he won the award. With the release of his latest novella, The Last Gladiator, I'm excited to share his insights with my readers. D: Do you […]

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Is it Time to Pivot?

As I write this, the world is dealing with a global pandemic. I work as a consultant to writers all over the planet and I've heard the same stories from folks all over the world. We joke about toilet paper. We end every meeting with, "stay safe." For some, life is business as usual...but those […]

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How I Got the Idea to Write Dominion

The very first inspiration I had for Dominion of Darkness came during a Medieval Fair held at Santa Clara University. I was on top of a building hanging a banner over the side when I looked down at the colors and pageantry. Music and bustling people created such a stunning scene, I knew I needed […]

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Sisterhood Has a New Look

I'm excited to share the new cover! I didn't hate the old one, but certain important marketing venues did. You see, there was smoke coming out of Dana's pretty gun which was deemed as encouraging gun violence. As a result, about the only way anyone was going to find Sisterhood was if someone recommended it. […]

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Acquaintance or Friend: How well do you know your character?

Today I have something special for you -- a guest blog by Rhay Christou. A word of introduction is necessary. Some of you know that I teach at Lawson Writers Academy. Rhay is one of my fellow teachers. She wrote this to share, and graciously allowed me to reprint it here. This is a powerful […]

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Dominion of Darkness by Deleyna Marr
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